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Baja GB The Welsh Hillrally 2017 – proposed dates June 24/25 2017

Recently the MSA held a meeting of cross country clubs to devise a calendar for 2017. At that meeting the date proposed for the BajaGB The Welsh Hillrally was June 24/25 which seemed not to clash and which suits the Bowler Team.
However we have now found out it clashes with the Goodwood Festival of Speed about which there has been much talk on Facebook. Bowlers are not attending in 2017. In order that we can know whether it is viable to run the BajaGB on that weekend we need feedback from competitors, officials and marshals to confirm they can attend the BajaGB or not or suggest another date.
Please PM Wendy or me whether you can support the Baja in June or will be going to Goodwood or suggest another date that suits.
Many thanks for your support, Chris.

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Baja GB/Welsh Hillrally/ Hillrally Championship shared 'Special Stage' Rally Review's 2016 Allisport AWDC Hill Rally Official TV Preview. ...

Official TV Preview for the Allisport AWDC Hill Rally

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