Hot Shots

Hot Shots

D. Dave Simmonite N. Ray Sagar

Simmbugghini 4.6ltr

Dave and Ray have competed in the Hillrally since it’s original days back in the 70s. They were collecting trophies then and will collect plenty more. Des Cimes, France this year, 4th overall in a top international field, in a Rally that included literally driving up the odd Pyrenee, confirmed Dave’s continued top off road ranking. 3rd overall ’97, a top three placing in ’98 is well on the cards and will set him in good stead when he sets off for his entry in the next Baja rally.

Sponsors: Simmonite 4×4, Mobil

D. Robin Rymell N. Michael Lay

Cross Country Vehicles Simmbugghini 4.6ltr

A win at Bagshot earlier this year proves the team work of Cross Country Vehicles, Robin and Michael. It’s all coming together. Built up specifically to Robin’s own design, the stunning green and white Simmbugghini should be kept in sight at all times. For technique there are few that can match Robin’s rally style translated to off road skill, there is never a dull moment once these two catapult over the start line.

Sponsors: Cross Country Vehicles Ltd, Castrol, Colway Tyres, SHB 4×4 Hire

D. Russell Ridley N. David Hartley

TMC 5Ltr

1st spot has so far evaded Russell. 2nds and 3rd’ here and in the Scottish and Southern Hillrallies, but not quite that No 1. And he wants it badly. A blistering ANCC win in August and plenty in other events, show that the speed is there, the skill is definitely there, but unfortunately, at Hillrallies, there always seems to be another competitor there too. Top performances will be around Sweet Lamb where he will look to take time off the other front runners. A world renowned driver, the name Ridley is always the first brought up at continental events at the first mention of British pilotes. It could be his imposing stature that makes him so memorable, but more likely it’s his sheer audacity both in and out of the vehicle. A very popular driver, a win this year would be very well received.

D. Chris Hammond N. Neil Wakefield

Simmbugghini 5ltr

Everything is there for Chris and Neil to take glory this year. Great success in the French Tout Terrain series, but not such a hectic year as ’97 so they will be nice and fresh for the Hillrally. Crashing out last year, Chris will be out to set the record straight, front running all the way.