Past Winners

Past Winners

D = Driver N = Navigator

1992 & 1994 D. Stephanie N. Rachael Simmonite.

Stephanie will be navigating for Matt Lee, the girls own vehicle having been sold. A new Simmbugghini is currently in production and both will be back to get that 3rd win.

1995 & 1996 D. Tim Marsh N. Chris Lawther/Chris Cooke.

Rebuilding his new TMC following major engine carnage at the last BORC event.

1993 D. Robin Clarkson N. Karl Gudgeon.

They’re back! In his Warrior 3.5ltr Robin will be particularly happy on the rougher parts of the Hillrally out at Cwnderw and Sweet Lamb, this is the place to catch him at his best, with ’93 winning team mate Karl. Both have done plenty of off roading on both 2 and 4 wheels. Robin, previously 3rd in the BORC took a round of the NORC Championship this year. Karl went one better and all but secured the title of NORC Champion for ’98 on the penultimate round, and 2nd overall in the ANCC Championship. A drop in power will restrain the true ‘Clarkson’ driving style, but be sure, he will be squeezing every ounce out of the little 3.5 and just will not back off.

1997 D Gordon Monaghan N Paul Whitham

Gordon will be defending his title with a navigational swap, Paul Whitham has exchanged his regular Warrior seat with Karl Gudgeon. Karl does seem to be the X factor though, having won as navigator with both drivers and as a driver in his own right in the NORC Championships. Time for Paul to start to level the scores. There will be no mercy for Gordon.