The Class of ’98

Keith Banyard Paul Choat Will be crowned ’98 BORChampions this year with Paul as Driver.

Robin Rymell Mike Lay The famous Cross Country Vehicles Simmbugghini, ready and waiting

Andrew Kennet Brian Ingam First season. Leading Hillrally Championship class

David James Richard Smith Looking for that 1st Rally trophy

Simon Dowdeswell Tony Dowdeswell 2nd Clubmans ’96. BORC competitors

Nicholas Harrison Dean Hoskins Class win in the Hillrally ’95, also various PLRC safari wins

Charles Teal Terry Worrier Strong Club competitor and hot air balloonist

Dave Bakewell Bill Bakewell Just 23 and well worth watching. Lots of class awards

Martin Hey TBA Plenty of club experience with NORC, 11th seems to be sticking point!

Gary Horton Chris Jordan 7 years with EMORC. 4th ’96 Sunday run

David ‘Broccoli’ Nicholls Trevor Tonkin 10th overall ’97, holder of C&D LRC Championship

Graham Clark Ruby Webster 8th overall Hillrally Championship

Ian Sykes Frances Sykes GKN Scottish Hillrally organiser, class winner

Drew Bowler Tim Henderson GKN Scottish Hillrally winners, Championship leaders

Dave ‘Fearless’ Fielding Rafe Shepherd Top rated driver, 3rd ’98 ARC. new vehicle, will be quick

Ted Ivory Matthew Newton Over 35 years in off roading, a favourite for class wins

Bill Jones Kevin Heathcote Class wins galore, 5 years hillrallying

Simon Carman Tim Curran Has won 6 ‘Eckington’s’ on the trot. 2nd ARC Internationals

Glen Mckieth Gary Dochert One of the top Standard Production drivers around

Pete Rowe Alex Holford Previously British off road Champion, and AWDC Champion 5 times

Robin Clarkson Karl Gudgeon Designer of the ‘Warriors’, winner ’93

Karl Hubel TBA NORC Championship 2nd ’97, Des Cimes 3rd T3, 12th overall best result

David Marsh David Arnold 3rd in Hillrally Championship, past C&D Champion, 7th in ’97

Phil Bakewell Mary Bakewell Lots of AWDC and BORC Championship wins, lovely turbo Cosworth.

Paul Clarke Theresa Daly 2nd in Hillrally Championship, no team orders from Drew!

Brian Dyke Simon Wiltshire Warrior flying this year in the BORC

Peter Brown Charlie Ranford 4th in Hillrally Championship after brilliant drive in GKN Scottish

Richard Squires Graham Hyde Close to winning Bowler C’ship class and 100″ chassis

Russell Ridley David Hartley Both top drivers, NORC, Hillrally and BORC results.

John Cockburn James McLaren Previously Diahatsu works driver, so much experience, so many results

Michael Harris Martin Peake Upgraded 4.2ltr Qt 88″. Runner up in C&DLRC C’ship for last 4yrs

Robert Richards Graham Bunt 5th in Hillrally C’ship, lots of club wins and Sunday run ’97

Peter Roberts Amanda Dimmock 4th in ’98 ARC Internationals, Bowler C’ship class wins

Simon Watts Robert Holmes Team trophy in ’96 Hillrally, 20 yrs offroading

Mario Xuereb Ray Cuschien Maltese AWDC, plenty of class wins, 5 years Hillrallying

Paul Cross Paul Shanks 4th in Sunday run ’97. Has yet to finish full Hillrally. He will this year. Kevin Baldwin Stuart Baldwin 1st Hillrally, 13yrs with Pennine LRC

Robert Welsh Gordon Landford 1st Hillrally, 10yrs with MORC, class placings, and AWDC

Andrew Newall James Simkin Success in Clubmans and finished ’97, NORC placings

Harold Carman Anthony Brinkman 25yrs ARC. Masses of wins at Internationals & with L&CLRC

Peter Baird Greame Paterson SLROC C’pion 1994, 96, 97.

Kieran Jones Robert Griffiths 1st C’mans production ’97 club class wins

Christopher Spalding Dara Bolger Club Champion with Lincs LRC x 6, EMORC x 5, ext. reliable vehicle

Tony Cable Mark Hones Navigator has more wins than driver, out for a good finish

Mark Andrews Ashley Cooper Midland ROC 1997 over all winner amongst other 1st placings

Grant Jessiman Sheila Wilson 10th overall GKN Scottish. Sheila ladies C’pion x 7. Won free entry in raffle

Nick Ashley Ben Shuckburgh Fresh over to Hillrallies from Dirt bikes. Could be very interesting!

Simon Smith Robin Izzard BORC class winner ’97, overall 6th, much bigger vehicle this year!

Tim Slaughter Gwen Adair Good results in all rallies, Gwen’s debut – ’93 Baja

Dan Evans Kim Smith 1st in class GKN Scottish, Kim’s debut – Des Cimes ’98, 9th overall

Alistair Christie Derek Yates Top 5 with EMORC, 15 years off roading

Ian Hullah Andy Steel NORC off roaders for 15 years. Previously trialled a Panda 4×4

Richard Corking David Warkley 3rd year rallying, 10yrs with AROC & MROC

Andrew Flanders Kevin Upstone 2nd Team Trophy ’97, 20 yrs competing and winning in all off road forms

Rick Wells Martin Farley Lincs and Scottish club wins 15th overall in GKN ’98

Tim Phelps Jon Smith Trialling /Team Recovery wins galore. New Mattserati i, and a quick driver

David Carruthers Robin Vance Machars + N.Ireland 4WD clubs. Class wins GKN ’97 & ’98, class 2nd ’97

Peter Brown Craig Knowles 4th in GKN Scottish and getting faster with every outing

Michael Jones Susan Jones Both m/bike competitors, Spirit of event at Scottish. Great crew

Ian Roberts Samantha Siddall Top mixed crew and Team awards. S&SLRC, BORC & MORC placings

Philip Kelly Alan Mercer 1st season for Philip, 4th for Alan, 1st Hillrally. L&CROC

Tim Morgan Anthony Aveyard Class wins in ANCC, the big one yet to come

David Johnston Tim Hamilton Hillrally Class wins, 4th overall in ’97 C’ship. N.I./ Machars 4WD club for 5 years

Paul Blackburn David Elliot 8 yrs EMORC. Comp. Safari wins in ’98, lots of rally experience